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My name is Darius and I'm the founder of Cosden Solutions. I started this company in 2020 when I decided to set off on my own to do freelance developing for clients. This decision came about after having spent 3 years learning software development and applying what I had learnt to the small company I worked at.

Within just a few months, I found myself building apps for different clients around the world. I got the opportunity to work in many different industries, continuously learning and developing my skills as I built more and more complex apps.

Eventually I decided it was time to expand the company and make it about more than just one person. Since then, we've brought in a few key developers from around the world, and have expanded our services beyond software development.

It has been a difficult but very rewarding journey and I wake up everyday full of joy to be able to do what I do. I hope that I can share this joy with you, and help you build the business of your dreams.


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We can help optimize and improve an existing project or consult on the best implementation for a specific goal.
We can plan, build, deploy, and maintain a project in its entirety or collaborate as part of a larger team of developers.
We can help maintain or provide support of an existing codebase, as well as train developers to handle any project.
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