The client hired us as part of a bigger team of developers to help build their Training Management Software (TMS). The project involved working with multiple custom applications built to work together as micro services. We were tasked with implementing new features, optimising and refactoring legacy code, and participating in the ongoing development of the project.
Edinburgh, Scotland
We joined the project due to the client's need for expansion of their developer team and product. When we joined, the project had already been in use for over 10 years. We had to adapt our work to fit with the existing architecture of all micro services. Our job was to integrate into their existing team, actively develop new features for the products, and contribute to all meetings related to the project.

Some of the notable things we've done are: a custom promotion/coupon system for eCommerce purchases, implemented internationalisation translations, refactored the payments platform to improve performance, created documentation for other developers, assisted other teams with tasks, provided mentoring and coaching to junior developers, and acted as team leads in the teams and projects we were assigned to.

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