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The client hired us to take over an existing application built by another company. The application had both a web and a mobile component, but only had a small amount of features. We were tasked to add new functionality, improve the codebase, and maintain the project moving forward.
Cologne, Germany
We joined the project after it was delivered from another company. At that time, the apps only had a basic amount of functionality. Our job was to implement the rest of the features that were not part of this first version, as well as take over and maintain the project moving forward. We worked closely with the client on every step of the process.

For the web we built: a new request/response architecture, a brand new dashboard, a complete file upload manager, a highly reusable custom table component, reworked the entire testing implementation, and much more. We also refactored a significant amount of code to optimise performance, security, and readability.

For mobile we built: an optimised app architecture, a custom background job queue with offline capabilities, a notification manager, an advanced filtering system, and much more. We fixed many bugs on both iOS and Android, as well as made performance improvements to both the initial start time of the app, as well as overall performance.
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